Scientific practical journal Precious and Decorative Stones. 2020/N 3 (101)

ISSN 2079-1410
. Geleta, V. Nesterovskiy. Jasper and its decorative varieties
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. Geleta, Ph. D. (Geol.), Head of the Department State Gemmological Centre of Ukraine 3844 Deghtyarivska Str., Kyiv, 04119, Ukraine E-mail:
V. Nesterovskiy, Dr Sc. (Geol.), Prof. Institute of Geology, National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv 90Vasylkivska Str., Kyiv, 03022, Ukraine Email:
Language: Ukrainian
Precious and Decorative Stones, 3 (101), 2020: 7-15
Abstract. The results of complex gemological studies of yellow-green tourmaline with the effect of color change presented. The main gemological characteristics werespecified, a microscopic study of internal inclusions was carried out as well as qualitative X-ray fluorescence analysis (EXDRF) were performed.
Keywords: tourmaline, complex gemological studies, microscopy, X-ray fluorescence analysis.
(Recommended by V. Myhailov, Dr Sc. (Geol.), Prof.)
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