Scientific practical journal Precious and Decorative Stones. 2020/N 3 (101)

ISSN 2079-1410
S. Shevchenko, P. Baranov. International mechanisms of gems market governance
UDC 549.091


S. Shevchenko, Ph. D. (Geol.), As. Prof., Head of the Department Dnipro University of Technology, 19Yavornytskyyave., Dnipro, 49005, Ukraine E-mail:
P. Baranov, Dr Sc. (Geol.), Prof., Forensic Expert Dnipropetrovsk SRECC MIA of Ukraine, 1 Constructional dead-end street, Dnipro, 49033, Ukraine E-mail:
Language: Ukrainian
Precious and Decorative Stones, 3 (101), 2020: 16-23
Abstract. The article shows three main segments of economic entities, as well as the areas of their interaction in the international gems market. Guidelines for doing business and respect for human rights, which have become the basis for basic standards and sustainable development of this market, are presented.
Keywords: colored gems, traceable supply chain, certification, responsible mining, sustainable development.
(Recommended by V. Tatarintsev Ph. D. (Geol.-Min.))
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