Decorative Stones



Independent examination of diamonds, colored stones, precious stones of organicall substances in raw material, goods and collection samples, its artificials and imitations:

  • instrumental diagnostic, including a definition of its origin (natural or synthetic) and revelation of treatment;
  • identification of imitations;
  • definition of qualitative characteristics;
  • forecasting of value in jewel and others goods, raw material, collections and museums exhibits etc.;
  • services of examination for lots of precious stones for technical destination.

High qualification of the experienced and skilled specialists educated at the leading World Gemmological Centers allows daily conducting different types of examinations and evaluations of stones.

Examination is conducting with using of instrumental methods and with help of modern gemmological equipment such as: microscopes - D-Scope etc., special lamps of daily light, refractometers, IR- Fourier spectrometer, and other spectrometers of X-rays energy, laser OGI scanner and diamond samples. Characteristics of precious stones are determined according to The Technical specifications and regulation of SGCU as well as in accordance with traditional for CIS countries methods and International Rules.

According to results of expertise is issued the Expert report ( 1 2 ) on the protected form of strict accounting according to the form approved by Ministry of Finance.

The gemmological laboratory experts daily accommodate all expert services during workings days from 10.00 till 17.00 (dinner break is from 12.15 till 13.00. Address of gemmological laboratory:

floor 10, Degtyarivska str., 38-44, Kiev:

room 1018 - tel./fax (044) 492-93-21, (044) 492-93-25 (examination of jewelry gems stones),
room 1020 - tel./fax (044) 495-54-80, (044) 492-93-22 (examination of jewelry gems stones, examination of diamonds),
room 1019 - tel./fax (044) 492-93-29 (examination of technical destination stones).

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