History of the journal

"Precious and Decorative Stones"'s journal was founded in 1995 (Sertificate on State Registration for printed means of mass media: deries KВ № 1587, dated 27.07.1995).

State Gemological Center of Ukraine is the publisher and manufacturer of the magazine (Publisher certificate number: ДK № 1010, dated 09.08.2002).

The program task defined by the registration certificate was to inform about the dynamics of changes in prices for natural precious, semi-precious and decorative stones (as well as products from it) in the domestic market. Ph.D., Professor Vladimir Indutny has been the main editor from 1995 to 2008 years.

In that period of time wholesale prices for diamonds, precious, semi-precious and decorative stones were published in the journal in pursuance of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On the Issue of Wholesale Price Reference Books for Diamonds, Precious, Semi-Precious and Decorative Stones" of 31.05.95 No. 369.

Afterwards, in 2009 till now SGCU was published a bulletin about stone's price on the market. Since that time the magazine has since been devoted to scientific and practical publications only.

Ph.D., associate Professor (part-time), deputy director of SGCU and the head of decorative and semi-precious stone's department Oleg Geleta is the chief editor from 2008 till now.

The magazine is published 4 times a year.

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