The editorial board of the journal "Precious and Decorative Stones" is guided by the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the Publishing Ethics Resource Kit (PERK) of the publishing house Elsevier, and as well as the experience of editions of foreign and domestic scientific publications.

Adhering to the ethical standards for scientific publications, the editorial board of the journal "Precious and Decorative stones" is pursuing a policy of objective and impartial selection of articles, their review, strict observance of copyright and related rights, strictly relates to the quality of scientific research, condemns plagiarism, adheres to the timetable for publication of the journal.

Ethical norms in the work of the editorial board:

- In case of making a decision on the publication of the submitted materials the editorial board is guided by the reliability of their content, the scientific significance of the work under consideration and provides a fair assessment of the review of the submitted materials;

- All materials provided for publication are carefully selected by the editorial board and internal anonymous review;

- The editorial board may reject the manuscript without a review if the work does not correspond to the journal profile;

- The editorial board objectively assesses the submitted materials on the basis of their scientific content, regardless of race, gender, religious belief, nationality, origin, social status, political views of the author or the collective of authors;

- The editorial board does not support the simultaneous submission by the author of one work to several journals, multiple copies of the content of the article in various works;

- The Editor-in-Chief coordinates the work of the editorial board and reviewers, following the policy of the journal and adhering to legal principles and does not allow the publication of materials if there is reason to believe that they are plagiarized;

- The materials are published after the decision of the Editor-in-Chief:

- The Editor-in-Chief is indifferent to the materials he declines or accepts;

- The Editor-in-Chief does not provide to the third parties with information related to the content of the submitted materials being considered for publication other than those who participate in their professional assessment;

- Unpublished materials in the journal are not used for personal purposes by the Editor-in-Chief, members of the editorial board, editorial staff or transferred without written consent to other persons;

- Editor-in-Chief in case of errors in the articles contributes to the publication of corrections or refutations;

- Editor-in-Chief, members of the editorial board, editorial staff provide names and other information about reviewers. If a new reviewer is involved, he may be informed about the names of previous reviewers;

- The Editor-in-Chief, in conjunction with the publisher, does not leave unanswered claims concerning the manuscripts or published materials under consideration, and, subject to the occurrence of conflict situations, take the necessary steps to restore the violated rights.

Ethical obligations of the authors:

- The authors should provide reliable results of the research, present their results clearly and unambiguously, so that their conclusions can be verified by other scientists, without forgery of data acquisition or improper manipulation;

- The authors are responsible for the content of the articles and for the fact of their publication;

- The authors must be ensure that the results of the study described in the article are completely original, and the borrowed fragments or statements should be indicated with reference to the author and the original source;

- The authors are required to quote the publications that have influenced the nature of the work and which can quickly introduce the reader to earlier work important for understanding this study;

- It is inadmissible to submit a plagiarism as an original work and to submit to the publication previously published article (in the case of the disclosure of these facts, all responsibility for this is borne to the authors that provided the materials);

- Co-authors should be only those who have made a significant contribution to the research on the subject of the submitted article, its preparation and which share the responsibility for the results obtained;

- The authors must not submit the manuscript of an article that has been sent to another journal and is under consideration, as well as an article already published in another journal;

- The authors must inform the editorial board of any possible conflict of interest that may arise after the publication of the results contained in the provided article;

- If the author found significant errors or inaccuracies in the article at the stage of its consideration or after its publication, he should immediately inform the editorial staff of the journal;

- In case of return of the article for revision authors are obliged to amend it in accordance with the comments of the reviewers or the editorial board.

Ethical obligations of reviewers:

- Review is carried out with the aim of improving the quality of scientific articles on geology and related sciences, which are published in the journal "Precious and Decorative stones";

- Reviewers are the members of the editorial board, but if it necessary, third-party reviewers of the relevant scientific profile may be involved;

- The reviewer carries out a scientific examination of the author's materials, his actions are impartial, and personal criticism of the authors is inadmissible;

- The reviewer can not be the author or co-author of the submitted work review;

- The article is a confidential document that can not be passed for familiarization or discussion by reviewer to other persons who do not have the authority from the editorial office;

- The reviewer, based on the results of the review, should provide an objective and reasoned assessment of the results of the research described in the article materials and determine whether they meet high scientific and literary standards;

- The reviewer should draw the attention of the editor to any significant similarity between the submitted article and any other published article or manuscript;

- In case of suspicion of plagiarism, authorship or falsification of data the revieweris obligatory to apply to the editorial board with a proposal for collective consideration of the author's article;

- The reviewer must not use or disclose unpublished information contained in the provided materials, unless otherwise agreed upon by the author or authors;

- Unpublished data obtained from manuscripts submitted for consideration must not be used by the reviewer for personal purposes;

- A reviewer who does not possess sufficient qualifications to assess the article or can not be objective, for example in the case of a conflict of interest with the author or one of the co-authors, must notify the editorial board with a request to exclude it from the process of reviewing a particular manuscript.

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