Development strategy of the
journal Precious and decorative stones
Precious and decorative stones

The journal "Precious and Decorative stones" is the leading professional scientific publication in the field of gemology.

The missions of the journal are to expand and disseminate scientific and practical information on precious, semi-precious and decorative stones, methods of its expert research and evaluation, the latest technologies for the extraction, processing, using of natural stones and the care of products from it, methods of forecasting, searching and estimation of deposits of minerals, dynamics of price changes on natural and artificial precious, semi-precious and decorative stones on the domestic and world markets.

The editorial board of the journal is committed to strengthening the integral scientific and informational space on geological sciences in Ukraine and its integration into the world scientific and informational space.

The main principles of the editorial policy of the journal are the objectivity and impartiality of the published information materials, the high demands on the quality of scientific research, the policy of reviewing articles, the strict observance of copyright and related rights, adherence to the timetable for the publication of the journal, in the condemnation of plagiarism.

The editorial board follows the traditional ethical principles of scientific periodicals, academic integrity and the Code of Ethics of Scientific Publications.

The editorial board supports the participation of leading scientists of Ukraine and the world, young scientists, graduate students, students in the field of general and economic geology, gemology, mining, architecture, jewelry art before publishing in the journal "Precious and Decorative stones".

The journal "Precious and Decorative stones" is a part of the Google Scholar 's databases and Scientific periodicals of Ukraine (National Library of Ukraine named after V.I Vernadsky).

In the prospect of the development of the journal "Precious and Decorative Stones" is raising its level of scientific recognition, increasing the number of readers and contributors, increasing the index of citation, placing in international databases (Scopus, Web of Science Core Collection, etc.).

The editorial board initiates open access to the materials (Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI)), conducts a policy of access to peer-reviewed scientific publications, and promotes the exchange of information by published scientific works, which allows to increase the citation of works and scientific effectiveness of the authors published in the journal "Precious and Decorative Stones"

—  an increase of the domestic and international audience for coverage of new scientific and practical developments in the field of expert research and assessment of precious, semi-precious and decorative stones;

—  the attraction of foreign scholars to publish in the journal "Cost and decorative stones";

—  the publication of the results of scientific and practical developments in the field of gemology, general and economic geology, mining, architecture, jewelry art of young and leading domestic scientists, which will ensure the integration of Ukraine into the scientific community of the world;

—  raising awareness of the materials published in the journal by conducting an additional distribution of annotations of scientific publications in electronic form.

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